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My majors are History and English. I am a BLS student and have a keen interest in history. This course is the culmination of all my hard work in the history department. My topic is “Courage and Cowardice as Depicted in WWI Films.”

The topic centers around four of my favorite films about the Great War. These films are Flyboys (2006), Paths of Glory (1957), Testament of Youth (2014) and The Lost Battalion (2001).  I will examine these films and the events and individuals they depict for accuracy in order to determine if the filmmakers “got it right.” 

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My time in the UMW History department has been well spent. The skills I acquired have made me a better reader, writer, and researcher. The faculty is exceptionally professional and the curriculum challenging. The Great War has been my special area of interest and the projects I have accomplished allowed me to gain a rich …